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Car paint maintenance and detailing services

You have already read what is meant by Auto Detailing on the home page. Our company provides all services related to precise and thorough cleaning and maintenance of vehicles. For simplicity, they can be divided into two parts.

Body and rims

The first concerns washing, cleaning, maintenance and protection of car bodies and rims. As part of it, we provide numerous services aimed at renewing car paint by polishing and waxing as well as repairing paint in the car . We carry out treatments aimed at long-term protection of all metal surfaces against corrosion. We protect car bodies in new cars by applying ceramic coatings, which effectively protect the car paint against mechanical damage and dirt. We wrap vehicles with specialized foils. Protecting the paint with foil also protects the car body from damage and protects the paint for many years.

We deal with the regeneration of car headlights, which become tarnished during operation, which reduces their lighting efficiency. We restore the original appearance of the rims in vehicles and stick specialized protective films on the car bodies, which are characterized by a high gloss, resistance to the harmful effects of the environment, and in addition have self-healing properties. We provide the service of impregnating material roofing to the owners of convertibles.

Interior and engine compartment

The interior of the vehicles also requires frequent washing and maintenance. Most drivers appreciate the clean and tidy interior of the car, so we try to thoroughly vacuum and clean all the details and elements of the dashboard, upholstery and the interior of the trunk. We offer car upholstery services and cleaning the roof lining or cockpit protection with an antistatic coating. We do not forget to clean the engine compartment. The service includes refreshing the plastic and rubber elements under the hood, which contributes to extending the trouble-free use of the car.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the special offer of all elements that make up professional auto detailing of cars and detailing of motorcycles.

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