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Ochrona lakieru

The paint of your car in the course of everyday use is constantly exposed to many harmful factors.
No matter how careful you are, minor stone chips or scratches are inevitable.
Also remember that improper washing causes minor scratches and leads to the paint becoming dull.
We also often underestimate the topic of bird droppings. Each such bird surprise can severely damage the paint structure.
If left for longer, bird droppings or broken insects permanently destroy the paintwork - that's why we offer professional paint protection .

You can choose the method of protection:

  • wax providing protection for up to 6 months

  • ceramic coatings - this is the best protection available on the market, which lasts up to several years.

Also check the prices of the varnish correction (varnish polishing prices)

Ochrona lakieru

Ceramic paint protection
GTECHNIQ is amazing shine, easy to wash and remove dirt. In addition, the effect of self-drying and the best protection of the paint against mechanical scratches.
The CAR STYLING studio is the only place in Nowy Sącz where you can apply the GTECHNIQ ceramic coating

Car waxes

Natural & synthetic waxes - applied by hand

Car wax is the basic protection for the paintwork of your vehicle. Branded wax applied to the varnish will effectively improve its usability and improve its appearance. Easier removal of impurities, the effect of wet varnish, or basic protection against dirt and weather conditions - these are the advantages of good waxes.

We work with products based on carnauba waxes. Brazilian Carnauba is currently the hardest natural wax known in the world.

By applying wax to your vehicle's paintwork, you will help it survive the difficult winter conditions and hot summer conditions.

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