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Headlight regeneration is a process that permanently improves the appearance of the headlights and contributes to road safety. Even a slight damage, dirt or tarnishing of lamps can significantly affect the visibility and efficiency of lamps lighting. In Poland, we drive 24 hours a day with the lamps on. Sun, rain, snow, road dirt contribute to the tarnishing of the lamps. If you think that your lamps are not so transparent anymore, and driving at night or in the rain has become cumbersome, the lamp renovation process will be the perfect solution for your car.

Front regeneration
⇒ price: PLN 160

Rear regeneration
⇒ price: PLN 100

Synthetic security
⇒ price: PLN 60 (front or rear)

Ceramic protection
⇒ price: PLN 120 (front or rear)

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