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Paint restoration

Varnish renovation / correction is a multi-stage treatment carried out in our studio, consisting in removing scratches from the varnish surface and smoothing it to obtain the desired effect chosen by our client.

We also often correct the car "after the paint job" - which has been incorrectly polished.
It should be mentioned that the paint correction is radically different from the popular "paint polishing" performed by random people using old methods. Today's varnishes, mostly water-based, require appropriate treatment and special attention in the process of correction and removal of scratches.

We offer 3 types of paint restoration :

  • refreshing the varnish - removing holograms, shining the varnish

  • standard correction - the most frequently chosen service

  • Premum correction - for the most demanding

The process of professional correction lasts from 1 to 4 working days, for this we use the best machines and polishing pastes available in the world.

Our skills are based on training in the best training centers in Poland and our own experience, which we gain every day by improving the appearance of cars.
In addition to the cars that can be found every day on the street, our services are used primarily by owners of premium cars.

It is up to you which correction process you choose:
paint refreshment <standard correction <or maybe premium correction for the most demanding

Renowacja lakieru carstyling

Refreshing the paintwork

refreshing the varnish - restores the shine

Refreshing the varnish is the basic process of mechanical shining and removing varnish matting.
The car regains its original shine, and minor scratches will be removed. Refreshing the paintwork will not remove major scratches and is dedicated only to cars whose paintwork is slightly damaged or tarnished / oxidized. After the paint refreshment service, it is worth protecting your paint with a protective coating, e.g. with high-quality car wax

  • 100% hologram removal

  • removal of circular scratches up to 50%

  • removal of straight scratches up to 5-10%

  • restoration of shine

  • obtaining a mirror effect up to 70-80%

The paint refreshment service is very often chosen by our clients, just before selling the car. Restoring the glow and removing paint tarnish effectively increases the aesthetic value of the vehicle.

Duration of the service: from 1 to 2 days
⇒ Price from: PLN 600

Standard correction

Standard correction - most often chosen by our clients

The service consisting in permanent removal of circular scratches, i.e. swirli 100% and up to 70-80% of simple scratches. The varnish regains a factory new look and depth of color.
Our service will restore the mirror shine of your car and is the most frequently selected paint correction in our studio.

  • 100% hologram removal

  • 100% circular scratch removal

  • removal of straight scratches up to 70-80%

  • restoration of shine

  • obtaining a mirror image


  • We need some time for such treatments, so the correction may take up to 2 to 4 days - but the result will certainly be very positive and will surprise you pleasantly.

  • The paint renovation process carried out in our company is safe for the paintwork of your vehicle. There is no question of damage or burning of the paint.

  • Professional paint restoration is significantly different from the typical "car polishing" by a painter.

Often, when picking up the car, we hear from our customers that "the car looks better than on the day it is picked up from the showroom". We are very happy about it.
Therefore, if you decide to use our service, we will try to make your feelings as positive as our other satisfied customers.
After the service, it is worth protecting the varnish with a protective coating.
The best solution will be to choose a ceramic protective coating .

Duration of the service: from 2 to 4 days
⇒ Price from: 1000 PLN

Premium correction

Premium correction - for demanding customers

A very precise service consisting in removing up to 99% of scratches from painted elements.
The vehicle gains maximum mirror shine, and the paintwork is smooth and impeccably beautiful.
After the premium service, the appearance of your vehicle can be much better than when it left the factory.
Our Studio - will remove the slightest imperfections in the paint, which have arisen from the moment the car left the showroom.
Premium correction is a multi-stage process that requires great patience, skills and the use of the highest quality products and machines available in the world.

There is no rush here, every square centimeter of your vehicle is checked and checked many times by us, and the service is at the highest world level.

We guarantee satisfaction and full satisfaction with the premium class service provided .

  • 100% hologram removal

  • 100% circular scratch removal

  • removal of straight scratches up to 99%

  • restoration of shine

  • obtaining a mirror image

  • often obtaining an effect better than the factory one

Duration of the service: from 3 days
⇒ Price from: PLN 2400

polerowanie lakieru carstyling

Paint inspection

Paint inspection with a digital meter

Paint thickness measurement with a digital meter. We measure at least 6-9 places on each element.
The customer receives the measurement and explanation of the meter indications on the printed diagram of the car body.
Thanks to the measurement, we can indicate a painted or previously polished place.
Before taking the measurement, we wash the car.

Duration of the service: about 1 hour
⇒ Price from: PLN 50

renowacja lakieru

Removal of a single scratch

A single scratch or scratch disappears

If your vehicle's paintwork has a scratch or abrasion, we will remove it in a very short time, in most cases you will avoid re-painting, and after scratching, not even the slightest trace will remain.

We remove and correct:

  • parking abrasions

  • scratch

  • insect remains

  • organic pitting (bird droppings, tree sap)

Duration of the service: from 1 to 3 hours
⇒ Price from: PLN 60

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