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Manual wash

CAR STYLING car wash - is the first detailing car wash in Nowy Sącz .
We provide the highest quality of services. We only use high-quality car cosmetics that do not damage the paintwork.

myjnia ręczna carstyling
Tylko prawidłowe mycie samochodu daję gwarancję bezpieczeństwa dla lakieru.
Specjalnie dla Ciebie przygotowaliśmy pakiety bezpiecznego mycia tak byś mógł wybrać odpowiedni dla Twojego auta.
Car body detailing washing. Manual safe washing.
from 50 PLN gross (about 30-40 minutes)
myjnia ręczna nowy sącz

scope of work:

  • pre-washing with active foam with neutral pH (safe for waxes)

  • removal of organic impurities (insects)

  • safe washing of rims (removing dirt, dust from blocks, volatile rust)

  • safe basic washing, no scratching. A neutral car shampoo

  • safe drying of the car body with a microfiber towel

  • shining tires with the selected product

Detailing cleaning + perfect interior cleaning.
from 90 PLN gross (about 100-120 min)

pranie tapicerki nowy sącz

scope of work:

  • the entire range of detailing washing.

  • perfect cleaning / vacuuming of the interior of the vehicle.
    Ventilation grilles, seats, clocks, steering wheel, gear knob, dashboard, all accessible plastic parts, storage compartments and all dirty areas available will be cleaned.

  • cleaning car windows without leaving streaks

  • vacuuming the entire interior of the vehicle

  • applying the dressing to the dashboard (final effect to choose from: matte, satin, gloss)

  • application of the selected fragrance

We also recommend:
INTERIOR DETAILING PACKAGE + (approximately 2-3 hours) additional surcharge: from PLN 50 gross (determined individually)

  • we clean invisible places and hard-to-reach places

  • gaskets and places under the gaskets

  • hinges, handles, door and flap dampers

  • hidden compartments indicated

  • rails, seat guides

  • very hard-to-reach places that require disassembly of internal elements

Removal of heavy dirt - paint decontamination: from PLN 80 (gross)
working time from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the degree of dirt


  • removal of tar, asphalt, bird droppings

  • removal of persistent dirt

  • removal of grease, glue, soot

  • claying (cleaning the varnish)

Washing suspension parts, wheel arches and rims: from PLN 300 (gross)

scope of work:

  • wheel disassembly

  • washing suspension elements

  • washing whole wheels, rims and tires

  • rim decontamination (removal of all sediments)

  • rim protection with dedicated wax

Washing boats, motorbikes, water scooters, special orders: individual pricing

We offer car transport throughout the city and surrounding areas.

felgi nowy sącz
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